Monday, May 10, 2010

More claming

The only problem with getting more clams is you have more to clean but its OK I like them and I went to Oyster Ville and got some Oysters to cook on the fire back at the trailer.

Netty had Hot Dogs and I had Osters, it was good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Netty and had a good Mexico Cruse

Netty and I have been married for 30 years this last Septembe, but we wanted to do it in the winter so we wentr so we decided to take a cruse this last January. We had a good time and I think its the first vacation Ive had where I came back totally relaxed and I'm ready to take another one.
This is a picture of our room which was cool it had a window that looked down on a big mall that went down the center of the ship.

Here is Netty having a Hamburger at a restaurant on the ship called Johnny Rockets in which was all you can eat but everything was so big I only needed one.

This is the dinning room,it was fun I didn't think I would like eating there put it was one for the best parts of the trip.

This is a picture of the Mall or the Promenade that went down the center of the ship it was cool it had restaurants and stores and they had a parade that went down and back twice during thew week.

Netty and I on a cruse to Mexico

Netty and I had a Cruise this last January to Mexico had a good time here are some pictures, I cant wait to go on another one and this ship was so cool.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have an old Friend that lives up north of Spokane about 60 miles in a little town called Usk which has no more then a store, a post office,a tavern and a cafe. I used to go up and visit him once a year, but because life has gotten so busy I haven't been up there for a few years, so I decided to have road trip this last week to make a visit.

I had to stop and take some pictures of the wind mills on the gorge, for some reason they just fascinate me because there so big and they are turning so slow. I think there has to be hundreds of them.

Larry likes tractors so he looks for old ones and then repairs and paints them. They get alot of snow up his way most of the winter so he uses them to plow. The one thing that he has wanted for a long time is a crawler so when he had the chance to get this old one from Barbs uncle he went all the way to Eugene Oregon for it.

This is Larry on it. When Larry called me last month to tell me about it I new it was time to go up to visit because you see I have always wanted to drive a crawler.

I think I have wanted to drive one from the time I was a little kid so here I am driving it in his driveway and I don't have pictures but I did take it out back and push up some brush and move some dirt.

It was cold up at his house and I did run into some snow on the drive home. Larry and Barb are good Friends and I always have a good time when I visit.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

US OPEN 2009 2009 trip to New York

Broad and I went to the US OPEN again this year, but we had semi-finals tickets this time and the good thing was it was not as hot as last year. Its just a good time going out and walking around the grounds because their is a good spirit of fun just being there. I forgot how much it cost to eat there and that when you get on the ground they have you and if you are hungry you need to get it from them. I had a hot dog, frys, a cookie and a drink that cost me $21.oo.

This stadium is the biggist tennis stadium in the world holding 22,000. We had seats up high but we were on the side unlike last year (we were on the end), but the seats are good any where you sit.

One of the two matchas we watched was the Williams sisters doubles match.

Time Square fun 2009 New York trip

I like going to Time Square and looking in the shops and watching the people. We went to three musicals this year, and if we had more time I would like to have gone to one more but it gives me more to see next time I go. We saw Shrek which I didn't know that I would like very well but it turned out OK. The sets were the best. We then went to see Bye Bye Birdie and other then some good dance routines and some good songs it was OK, but not my favorite. The last day just before going to the Airport we went to Rock Of Ages which was totally cool. It's probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite musical that I have seen.

We had lunch at the Stardust Cafe which is a cool cafe were the waiters all sing old rock songs to you as you eat and drink milk shakes like I had to have.

The first day I had to go to Time Square and get some pizza at Pax, its not the best pizza in town but I like the mushroom and cheese. I have always been told that New York Pizza is the best but I don't think there pizza is as good as Papa Murphy's take-n-bake here at home.

Time Square is cool at night and now they have added tables and chairs out in one of the streets so you can sit out and watch the people.

Baseball in New York

We had to go and watch the Yankees play a game while in town and what are the chances we get our tickets three months before we go and it ends up being the game where Jeter brakes the all time hit record set by L0u Garig. I have liked the Yankees since I was a little kid and Jeter is one of my favorite players.

It was fun to go to the new stadium the first year it was open and to go to the old stadium last year was time I will always remember.

This is Jeter hitting his record braking hit 2722, it was so cool the crowed went crazy, it was worth setting in the cold and rain to see it. The game was one and a half hours rain delay and then called in the 7th for rain.

We were there for Erik's Birthday, it was grate fun we went out for dinner at the Tavern On The Green and we gave here present at here apartment. We gave her a cook stove for backpacking.

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The Future Home Site
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